Van Dans General Store


Your One-Stop, Authentic General Store

Van Dan’s is a family run business started by two brothers Van and Dan Lybbert back in 1939. It originally started as a butcher shop, they then added a restaurant, frozen food lockers and groceries.

Van Dans now operates as a general store, without the restaurant and frozen food lockers.Today the butcher shop continues to thrive as a separate business known as “The Chopping Block," with the General Store being the sole distributor of these fine, locally made meat products.

Van Dans General Store provides:

                  -basic groceries



                  -lunch items

                  -slush puppies

                  -meat products

                  -candy counter


                  -ice cream treats

                  -and much more

Van Dans is an integral part of the community and surrounding area.


Mon - Sat  9:00 - 6:30

Closed holidays


44 Main Ave NW Glenwood AB

Contact Info:

Phone: 403 626 3212